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The Search Our Data page has 10 user entries; 1) Surname, 2) Surname search type, 3) Given Name, 4) Given Name search type, 5) Record Type, 6) Record Type, 7) Results Per Page, 8) Page , 9) Clear Search, and 10) Perform Search.
Surname Search – Enter all or part of a surname and select the search method from the dropdown selection box. 
  • The default From Start of Text will find all surnames that contain your entry beginning from the start of the text.  Entering Za or za (search is not case sensitive) and clicking on Perform Search will return 10 records that have “za” as the first two letters.
  • The Anywhere in Text will find all surnames that contain your entry anywhere in the text.  Entering “ily” and clicking on Perform Search will return 33 surnames that contain “ily” anywhere in the text, i.e. Daily and Dale Family.
  • The Soundex search will find surnames that sound alike, such as Miller, Muller, Millar, … .  This is also useful for finding transcription errors, if you don’t find the full surname you are looking try a soundex search.
Given Name Search can be used with or without a surname.  If used with a surname it will restrict the results to those records that contain both the surname and the given name.  The given name search does not have a Soundex option.
You can further restrict the number of records returned by using the Record Type to select one of our data set. 
  • Selecting Cemetery will bring up additional options; 1) Cemetery, 2) Year of Death, and 3) Year of Birth.
  • Selecting Marriage records will bring up the additional selection Bride or Groom.
  • Selecting Obituary Listings will bring up the additional selection Year of Death, leaving it bland will select all records.
Results per page allow you to control the way results are displayed, from 25 – 250 records per page.
If multiple pages of results are available you can select the page to be viewed, by using the dropdown page selection or scrolling using the ►.
You must click on Perform Search to get results.
You can clear the inputs and results using Clear Search