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Norton (aka Deep Creek) Cemetery
(Nassau County)
CR 121
Bryceville, FL
(No Grave Layout)

This cemetery is North of Bryceville, Florida. To reach it, on Cr 121, go to 0.5 miles south of the intersection of Hamp Hicks Road and CR 121. The Cemetery is on the East side of CR 121. It is  is about 19 miles South of Hilliard on Cr 108 leading to Cr 121, and will be about 0.5 mile beyond Hamp Hicks Road on the left.

The following quotation is on the grave of Noah N. Norton:

Death is a gateway we all must pass through to reach that fair land where the soul is born anew, for man's born to die and his sojurn on earth is a short span of years beginning with birth... And like Pilgrams we wander until death takes our hand and we start our journey to God's promised land, a place where we'll find no suffering nor tears, where time is not counted by days, months, or years.... And in this fair city that God has prepared are unending joys to be happily shared with all of our loved ones who patiently wait on death's other side to open the gate!".

The inventory was made on December 4, 1998 by Jack C. Plemmons and Jan Warren.

Photgraphs are courtesy of the Jean Hodges Mizell collection

GPS Location   30.456560, -82.002051  Opens in a new window.

Norton Deep Creek Cemetery
Norton Cemetery