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Jones Family Cemetery - Callahan
(Nassau County)
Jones Cemetery Road
Callahan , FL 32011 USA
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To reach this beautifully kept cemetery, Turn left of SR 200 at Callahan Florida going north one block on US 1/301.t Turn left on on on Brandies Avenue (CR 108) and at the railroad track, keep to your right following River Road (CR108). Go 1.5 miles, and turn right on Jones Cemetery Road. The cemetery is about 100 yards down the road, with the main entrance on the right.

This is a very old cemetery, with 1,550 graves in the oldest (Eastern) section and about 420 graves on the west side. There are twelve Confederate Civil War Veterans buried here, all in the oldest area, section 1. The oldest person buried here is John Jones, 1800 - 1873 closely followd by Anna O'Donald 1800-1880.

The cemetery contains three graves from the O'Donald Cemetery which were re-located here prior to 1956. These graves can be found in Section 1, row 30.

The numbering system of the sections and rows follows that used by the Jones Cemetery association. Section 1 is numbered in rows 1 to 30 the remaining sections are alphabetical. In the alphabetical sections, "A" rows were inserted between plot rows which are 20 feet apart. The grave numbering begins at the flagpole in the center of the cemetery with section 1, 5 and 6 going east, and section 2,3 and 4 going west. Additional detail is shown in the grave layout . Each grave is identified by a number/letter series. The first number is the section, the second letter or number is the row, and the final number is the grave. For example, for Section 1, a typical grave would have sequence of 1,25,10. For section 4, the sequence could be 4,Q1,2.

Each grave has been photographed, and the picture numbers appear in the last column. This file is too large to put online, but the pictures may be purchased by sending $2.00 for digital copy (via e-mail) and $5,00 for regular pictures via mail. To purchase, send a check to The Amelia Island Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 6005, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034.. Be sure to specify the Grave number sequence, and the picture numbers for each grave with the order. Also include you name, and e-mail addresss if you wish digital copies, and your name and postal address if you wish standard photographs.

These data are a compliation of three surveys and include the May 2008 survey done by the Amelia Island Genealogical Society, the 1956 Survey by the LDS Church (LDS film 2104, item 56) and the WPA Military Graves Registration survey. All but fifteen of the graves in the early surveys were located in the 2008 survey.

Participants in the AIGs 2008 survery included: Linda Davis, Ann Fontaine, Pam Kelly, Gloria Toomey, Marilyn Gordon, Jean Mann, Jean Mizell, Kathleen Woiciechowski, Pam and Paul Donovan, Cincy Glen, Weldon Story, Chad Watt, Kay Watt and Michael Toomey. The LDS film was extracted by Gloria C. Toomey in December 2007.

GPS Location  30.561768, -81.860495  Opens in a new window.

Jones Family Cemetery, Callahan Florida