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Bradddock Yulee / Callahan Cemetery
(Nassau County)
3852 Braddock Road
Callahan , FL 32011 USA
(No Grave Layout)

The Braddock - Yulee / Callahan Cemetery is located as follows: A1A between Yulee and Callahan intersects with Griffin Road, which is next to the power company yard. Take Griffin road 2.2 miles to the intersection of Middle Road and Musslewhite Road. Turn right on Middle Road. Go 1.6 miles to Braddock Road. Turn right on Braddock Road and go 1/2 mile. (Note: Braddock Road is a dirt graded road.) Look into the woods on your left behind the ditch. The cemetery is on a slight mound.

Inventoried in March 1998 by Kennery Sturges and earlier by Lori Bragg.

The cemetery was surveyed in 1953 by a LDS team as Braddock Family Cemetery.

GPS Location 30.659809, -81.776394