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June 12, 2017 By: Jim Miller
I will be the August Speaker
At the July 18th General Meet, my presentation will be interactive, so bring your questions.    The subject is:

Basic searching and a few tricks, plus using Google Books.

 Using the sliders
 Using 'open in new window"
 Using wildcards
 Searching census using neighbors
 How to use other's trees - Do not add them as sources, add their sources!!!
 Searching specific datasets
 Using Notes
 Using Web links
 Using speculative/incomplete information
 Don't overlook Google Books
 Q & A from audience
You can submit questions in advance to
May 17, 2017 By: Jim Miller
Ultra-Wide Monitors
Every find youself wishing you had a dual monitor setup, so you could have Ancestry open on one monitor and FamilySearch on the other.  Or Ancestry and Word as you try an write that narative family history.

Let me recommend that you consider an ultra-wide monitor instead, I have a LG-UM65-P, 25-in diagonal monitor which give me the equilivant of two 15-in monitors.  Here is a screen capture, taken while working on this blog, with the blog editor on the right and AIGS website on left.
My model is now no longer in production, but an similar  models can be purchased for $160 - $200.  Just Google "25-in Ultrawide Monitor"
February 22, 2017 By: Jim Miller
Web based virus scan.
I was recently locked out of an e-mail program.  When I contacted the provider I got:

"We have received reports of spam being sent from your account and that has caused your account to be blocked.

For the security of your account, it is essential that you run a virus check from a trusted source online and AFTERWARDS change your password immediately to a more secure one.

It is important that you FIRST do the virus check and THEN the password change. In addition, we recommend a virus program from a trusted online source because viruses can sometimes compromise the already existing virus protection program."  Emphasis added.

I looked for an online virus check program and settled on Microsoft Safety Scanner, a free download program that is valid for 10 days, to insure that the virus files are up-to-date.

I first ran their Quick Scan, which took about 20 minutes to complete, in the background, and reported no viruses on my system.
As long as I had downloaded the program I also am running the complete scan, which took 9+ hours to run and also found no infected files.  My Norton Security Suite had done it job.

It probably isn't a bad thing to run the Safety Scanner one a quarter or so.

January 14, 2017 By: Jim Miller
Family Tree Now - Public Records Data
There is a new "Genealogy" website out there that is really a public records data mining site, and it is free;   It can be a resource if you are looking for information post 1940, but it is also a privacy risk.
You may want to "Opt Out of Records" to secure you information on this site.
To see how it works, I entered:
  • My full name
  • year of birth
  • Residence city, state and country
  • wife's name
It found one record with the following details
  • Associated name, a dyslexic spelling of my first name
  • Possible relatives; 23 individuals with age and year of birth, all hotlinked to their information, only 3 names I didn't recognize.
  • Possible Associates; 9 individuals including the ex-husband of my neice.
  • Current and pass addresses; 8 address for which there are public records attached to my name, not all residences,
I went back to their Opt Out page and followed the instructions to opt out.
This should remove me from this free site, I will do the same for close family.  But the underlying public records are out there and there are a number of paid sites that will recover the same information.